Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Color in a grid in my No Excuse Art Journal

In the beginning of this year I took Gina Rossi Armfields online class No Excuses Journaling. I had seen so many intriguing pages all over the internet on things people had done in their calendars. I didn't really need an excuse to journal or every day but I was curious to learn more about the "system".

One of the things Gina Rossi Armfield teaches is to make a grid for each month and fill in one square each day. I'm not a very obedient student so I usually do a bunch of squares at one time. And then I do some more when I get back to it days later.

I set my own theme for each grid and on this one I decided to do small patterns. I never filled the entire grid but today I decided to fill them with color. That was not my intention in the beginning. But I felt like adding some color to see how it would turn out.

For some reason I began in the bottom of the page.
I kept going.
Adding orange and blue.

Played with different colors next to each other.

I added black to create more dynamic.

 This was a no brain excercise but I used it to test my water colors and adding hues. More fun then I expected. Try it!!

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