Friday, November 14, 2014

Binding a book with my painted papers

A few weeks ago I found myself being fascinated by a stack of beautiful papers that someone, somewhere here on the internet (don't remember where) shared. I was able to trace the origin of the technique, by which they were made, back to the artist LK Ludwig. Soon I was enrolled in her online class Backlog.

I'm rather late on the ball because the class was introduced in 2010. But I must say it was well worth the money, it is full of information, videos and inspiration.

Take a look at what I have done:

Black and light blue and reductive stamping

Tiger pattern stencil
I used some old sheets of sketching paper and some of the acrylic paint I have lying around.

Stack of painted papers
I folded each sheet in half and used two papers to make one signature. In total I made six signatures which makes 24 pages.

The class teaches a way to bind them toghether using ribbons, and here's how mine ended up.

Stiching the book
I made the covers out of chipboard which was painted the same way as the pages.

With cover
Here is a peek in the book.

Some of the pages
I will use the book for art journaling with my own photos. I have begun to add pictures to it and I also made a page.

Before journaling
And after adding hand writing.

After journaling

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