Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Themed Walk - Art Hunting!

For todays lunch walk I decided to make it a themed walk. Instead of just strolling down the street my aim was to go for a hunt. An art hunt!

My office is situated in a part of Gothenburg where a lot of creative people lives, called Majorna. I have noticed a lot of evidence of that on my numerous walks in the neighbourhood. Today I wanted to capture some of them.

Mermaid Wall Art 

I started the walk with this absolutely stunning mermaid that covers an entire gable. I really love her! She is certainly not some impulsive scribble and you must be blind not to notice her on a walk. I didn't expect the rest of my findings to be so obvious so I sharpend my eyes.

Electrical cabinets and street lights typically carries interesting evideces of the inhabitants creativity.

Sad eyes.

Banana on a street light.

Strange bird sticker on an electrical cabinet.

This guy stood out both in color and size.

But this little fellow was really small, only about 2-3 centimeters. I found him by sheer coincidence. I guess my eyes improved along the way.

It was fun to have a specific purpose for my walk. I went down streets I have never gone before in my search for something arty. 

Time passed quickly and eventhough it only took about 15 minutes I think I did well on my first themed walk. I will do it again and I have some ideas for new themes...

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