Monday, October 13, 2014

My top 5 sketching inspiration

I follow a number of different bloggers and artists for different kind of creative purposes. When it comes to sketching, which is my number one passion (next to sewing clothes) right now, these are the artists I most frequently take time to visit right now:

Andrea Joseph

Her detailed sketches are so fantastic. Often drawn with only a ball point pen, in one color and yet there are so many details. I believe she is the opposite of an impatient sketcher.

Nina Johansson

She is just so good at what she does. Buildings, landscapes, people, the composition and colors are just plain and simple beautiful.

Maria Coryell-Martin

I look at her art and realize what you actually can do with watercolor. I don't know if I would call it inspirational to look at her pictures, I can't imagine ever producing something close to that, but they are amazing.

Tommy Kane

It is always fun to see what he is up to. Both his sketches and comments are often very spot on.

Lisa Condon

I like her simple line works and the color scheme. So simple shapes but so intricate. Makes me want to try for myself.

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