Monday, January 5, 2015

Finding new paths

I am taking Juliana Coles class Initiation which is a great class. In one of the many assignments I did this image.

Pathfinder image
I found a beautiful picture of a woman (I think) standing looking into the distant in an old National Geographic magazine about some American indians. I decided to re-draw that image on the page and when I did I suddenly realized that "I'm a pathfinder". Not in some serious kind of way, I don't believe I have been an indian in a present life or anything like that, but I enjoy taking long walks in the woods nearby our home. 

I constantly seek out new trails because I'm curious where they might lead and I discover waterfalls, caves and big rocks etc. I never get lost because I have some sort of map in my head and unconsciously notice things in the surroundings that I navigate out of.

So if I had lived among the indians back then I might have been a pathfinder!?! Today obviously such abilities are not useful for the bigger community with GPS and smartphones etc. but to me personally it serves a purpose.

I think I'm a pathfinder in other senses too. I used to be an engineer for 15 years but never really liked it and after going back to the university to study journalism I quit my job to become a freelance journalist. I am a curious person and love to learn new things so that suits me very well. However media is a though business and I constantly try to find new ways to be an entrepreneur. It is sometimes stressful and I use making art and especially in this art journaling form to release some of that and stop all the ideas and thoughts that swirls around in my head.

(I shared another piece I made in the Initiation class here.)

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