Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Wear your art!

A few weeks ago I shared some tree drawings in my sketchbook and this weekend I had this idea to redraw one of them on a T-shirt. I have never done anything like this so it was an experiment. I bought a new T-shirt that was not very expensive, incase I would ruin it. But I think it turned out ok and I even think I will wear it :-)
I wasn't able to take a decent selfie wearing the T-shirt but here it is.
I kept the sketchbook next to me and used it as a reference when redrawing it on the T-shirt. Before I began I lightly marked the center by folding the T-shirt both horizontally and vertically. And then I just began drawing with fabric paint directly on the fabric with a thin brush.

Sure I could have made a quick a sketch with a pencil of something erasable, but I decided not to do that. Mainly because it would take longer time and I just wanted this to be a quick project.

I quickly painted the outline with black fabric paint.
I went over the lines one more time since I wanted them to be more black.
I dropped the brush on the fabric but I turned the stain into a triangle.
Then I added some of the doodles.

I used my original sketch as a reference before adding the doodles.
I was happy with the result so far but felt I wanted some color. I choose red and yellow to spice things up. Why? I don't know. Another day it might have been something completely different.

I added one triangle of each color to the black one. It became some kind of bird!
All in all this project took less than two hours if I don't include buying the garment. With a more complicated sketch it would have taken more time of course.

I think it could definitely be a great idea for a Christmas present to someone who appreciate your art. To speed things up even more one could scan a sketch and print it on (fabric) transfer paper and then iron it on the T-shirt.

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