Thursday, December 18, 2014

Drawing shrimp

I know there are a lot of people out there who like to draw food and recipes. I love food but not to cook (but I'm covered when it comes to that since my better half is an excellent chef) and I think that's behind my unwillingness to draw stuff I eat.

However I have found one exception to that rule (enter the shrimp!).

Shrimp of the day (and wine)

Every now and then we eat shellfish and mostly shrimp. And they are great to draw! They are lying quietly on the plate and they don't need any special preparation before eating so no chef will take them away from you. They also have a pretty simple shape so you can make a quick sketch. But if you look closely there are a lot of small details, so if you want to work on the sketch some more, you certainly can.

Here's another example.

Today's catch: Norway lobster, lobster and shrimp
This time we had a bigger variety of seafood and I tried to draw them all. However the lobster was chopped up before I got to draw him completelly. Anyway it was delicious.

If you would like some more food sketching inspiration Koosje Koene has a lot on her site and she also has a class dedicated to this matter.

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