Thursday, October 31, 2013

Very strange flowers

So now the Flower Crazy class is rolling and we have almost covered the first week out of five. I have made a couple of paintings and tomorrow Carla Sonheim will show us how to finish them.

Here is the first set of flowers:

They came together quite easily and I like how the colors blend with each other on some of the flowers.

The second batch of flowers are more difficult, if you understand what I mean :-) They are no traditional flowers for sure! More on the silly side, so to speak, and that is Carlas intention I think.

They are made with watercolor, water soluble markers and pens and there are many steps involved. The outcome is not clear in the beginning so one have to find out througout the process. I like that part of Carlas teaching. I think that if you enjoy the process the outcome becomes less important and hence it doesn't really matter if they look weird or even beautiful.

Maybe we will be working on them some more and in that case I will show how they ended up.

Anyhow I like the class so far. The instructional videos are very well made, really professional looking and Carlas instructions are clear. The class is set up on a blogg and every day a new lecture is posted. It could be in the form of a video or a text with pictures illustrating it. There are also daily drawing assignments if the lecture won't keep you busy enough. 

So far everything is very well put together. The only drawback, as I see it, is that there is no other forum for us students to get to know each other more than the class' Flicker-group. I'm new to Flicker and maybe I haven't got the hang of it yet? 

Do you think interacting with others in class is an important part of taking a class? And have you made new friends in a class?

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